When the COVID pandemic restricted how restaurants do business 9 months ago, we quickly prototyped our first frozen pizza using the same team, techniques, wood fired ovens and specialty ingredients. 9 months later thanks to your love of these pizzas, great refinement of the product, and hard work, we have award-winning frozen pizzas and a new business that saved us from closing our brick and mortar restaurants...but most importantly saved 100 + jobs.

We have learned so much the last 9 months, but above all we’ve learned you can’t give up, and the power of our great team and great community. I am truly grateful and humbled by this experience. As a thank you for your support we are giving a free $25 Restaurant ONLY gift card with all online frozen orders this holiday season. We hope this brings you or someone you know some joy during these uncertain times. This gift is only to be used at our brick and mortar restaurants for curbside or dine in. We ask that you don’t use it for frozen during this time as frozen is priced as low as we can go given each pizza is hand stretched, wood fired, topped and sealed with the very best ingredients. No machines, no cheese mix. The purpose of this gift is twofold. We want to thank YOU for your support the last 9 months, and we want to bring business to our team in the restaurants who are restricted with limited seating and guests. Without you and without our team we wouldn't be fortunate enough to give anything, so THANK YOU AGAIN!

We are also proud to be using our team, not a third party for all local delivery with 100% of the local delivery charge going straight to them. This not only ensures work for them this winter, but it also controls the quality and certainty of your delivery as we have the best of the best working with us who care so much.

In addition our donations of 1 frozen pizza donated to a local food bank with every purchase will continue and ramp up this holiday season. To date we have donated over 1,000 pizzas to local STL foodbanks. The week of Thanksgiving we will be donating 1,000 extra pizzas to 5 St.Louis Food Banks. In addition our GIVEBACK TUESDAYS are still going strong with100% donations to local charities every 4th Tuesday at the restaurants for dine-in or curbside. To date that total is $245,000.

We are grateful and humbled to be able to give these gift cards and donate these pizzas during these hard times, and we hope that if you ever need anything or have any feedback to help us improve you will reach out. Thinking of you, and thank you again!

With Gratitude –Katie & Team