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Note from Katie > Soaks up sauce at level 10. Festive X 10!

All fresh pastas are made from scratch in-house and extruded with brass dyes. 1 pound serves 2-4 people. Don’t forget to buy your sauce!

Ingredients: Locally-Milled Fresh Durum & Semolina Flour + Farm Eggs + Water + Salt


TO STORE: Pastas are shipped in very special temperature-controlled insulated packaging and dry ice. Most if not all dry ice evaporates during transit. Use caution when opening. Pastas will arrive perfectly chilled. Refrigerate or freeze immediately. Use within 1 week if refrigerated. Use within 4 months if frozen.

TO SERVE: Boil water. Salt like the sea after water begins boiling. Drop Pasta. Cook 2-4 minutes or until desired al dente. Strain, but save a little pasta water to add to hot sauce in pan when tossing together. Starchy pasta water tightens up sauce for that real Italian consistency. Please tag us with pictures and reviews! ☺

For questions or detailed info about our specialty ingredients and process, contact us directly.

*Allergy Warning: Pizza’s are made in facility that handles nuts, shell fish, wheat, and dairy.

Minimum 4 items (any combo) per order.